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January 15th, 2007 by

Craig Cook writes a good piece on the different (but equally important!) mentalities to be borne in mind when going about the business of working with websites.

As I alluded too in my last posts, I am coming to the end of a project I have spent working on for over a year. During the course of that project, learning was one of the main components involved. As part of that learning, the three disciolines/modes had to called upon, but were restricted in parts by the technology used – but in fairness – also partially aided by it.

“These three disciplines—writing, engineering, and artistry —are not so different from one another. Each demands creative problem solving, and though each suggests a slightly different angle of attack, the target remains the same. “

and in my case, where I think things were going,

“When you’re able to think easily in all three modes one by one, you will soon find yourself thinking in all three simultaneously.”

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