Have I got a block?

February 9th, 2009 by richard

Photocritic has a great article here, “10 ways to break photographer’s block :: Photocritic photography blog”
What I find most interesting, is his last point, point 10:

“What are you doing reading these guides on the internet anyway? Grab your camera, get out there, do stuff. Stop moaning. No, seriously, outside. Or inside, for that matter. Just do it already!”

It is very true fact.

Currently, I feel I want to take pictures, but I feel I need to understand more about the technique behind what it is I want to shoot. There is a problem though, and to put a term on it, I think I may ‘technique shy’! Its like when you see a girl, and you think she is kinda cute, you get shy (at least I do…), and you do nothing about it. But sometimes, you just gotta grab the bull by the horns, and see what happens.  It may be great, or not so great. Either way, you will have found out that it useful, as you learned something from the experience.

Maybe it is a block of some form, ‘technique shy’ or whatever it is.  One thing I will do though, is to have a go at some of the suggestions Photocritic has.

Nothing to loose, but all to gain…


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