Road trip # 1 – Donegal

February 16th, 2009 by richard

This weekend I thought I’d go for a drive, and I figured, sure why not go North, Donegal direction, via Enniskillen. The traffic was crazy in town, so I parked up and asked a local for directions to Millets camping shop, where the idea was to buy some camping gear. I got there, but dissapointingly, they stocked very few of the items I was looking for. I got what I thought was a Trangia equivalent, and headed off. On the way back to the car park, I walked by the river, took the shots of the swan and the part of the barge.

The plan was to do find a nice quiet place to park the van, and then sleep there for the night. After a some searching, and very dodgy mountain roads I found a nice little pier, where I parked up and set about getting dinner cooked. Thing was that the cooking set I had bought was missing the actual burner! Annoyed, I had to settle with a sardines in tomato sauce and potato salad sandwhich. More annoyingly, it meant no warm coffee for the morning…

I succumbed to sleep very quickly, there was a lot of driving that day, and woke at 6am the next day.  Fresh and clear – and I thought, great, lets take some pictures!! (click on the thumbnails to enlarge)

There was a lot more driving that day, but sadly after the early morning clear skies, the weather somewhat, and the light just did not work for pictures. Donegal though, is well worth visiting, make sure to get off the main roads though, as everything looks the same. Do what I did, pick a random side road – and go for it!


p.s. The post is numbered, as I plan on doing more trips like this over the coming year

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