The Road most travelled

October 14th, 2010 by Richard

The shot above I took when driving back to Dublin after a weekend back west. I’ve had to do a few of those trips lately, and I’ve noticed that in certain light, parts of the motorway can be very visually striking.

About two weeks, I opted not to take a shot that I sorely regret now. It was the night the moon was bright red and large on the horizon, and on part of the motorway I was on, the moon was perfectly framed inside a bridge, with subtle lines leading up to the framed moon. As I saw this, I also realised that I had driven too far to safely stop and take the shot. There were more moments like that that evening, still kicking myself for not taking those shots.

Lesson learned though, if possible within acceptable bounds of safety, I will be taking more shots on my drive’s to/from home.


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