Sun hopes for Linux-like Solaris

May 10th, 2007 by

I’ve recently had to do quite some work with OpenSolaris, and on the whole, there was a marked improvement to previous installments, but yet – I found myself struggling.
My background is primarily Linux (Ubuntu/Debian) based, and I must admit that I found myself struggling. There are of course many similarities, but on the whole the difference between operations and the location of important files made for halting progress. Of course it must be remembered that it is a different operating system, and as such it will have differences to other operating systems.

It is with interest that I note the following story, and that I look forward to seeing more on the development of “Indiana”:

Sun hopes for Linux-like Solaris: News – Software – ZDNet Australia
In an effort to spur adoption of Solaris, Sun Microsystems has begun a project code-named Indiana to try to give its operating system some of the trappings of Linux.

This should help in the greater adoption of OpenSolaris, which I believe will be a strong contender in the future, especially thanks to its Containers (Zones) technology .


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EsatBT Young Scientist Awards… and the winner is…

January 13th, 2007 by

A young man, Abdusalam Abubakar age 16, for his project on “attempting to crack the most hacker-proof encryption system in the world”. The Irish Times has minor details of the winner of this years EsatBT Young Scientist awards.

His project apparently had something to do with RSA encryption, and he (from Irish Times article)

“…based his initial work on partially successful attacks on the world’s most widely-used encryption system, RSA, mounted by two mathematicians. He decided to take the best aspects of both and generalise a new approach, which he believes has the potential to tackle at least some less complex coding systems.”

More details on this project would be great – but sadly even the EsatBT site does not currently have any details about the project. The Irish Independent also has a story on this (registration required), but does not really delve any further into the details. In the meantime, congrats to Abdusalam!

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AIDS Vaccine on the way?

August 20th, 2006 by

The news of the successful trials in China of an AIDS vaccine , via slashdot, brings interesting news on a medicine that has been long waited for.

AIDS – it is hard to argue, is a killer disease – claiming 2.8 millions of lives around the world, this year.

With the other news that Kenya is forging relations with China. Kenya’s foreign minister,Raphael Tuju, was outraged at western attitudes

“I find it outrageous that this question of China keeps coming up, especially in the international domain, when it is in the interests of Kenya to work on strengthening relations with China,”

If indeed such relations are forged, plenty of scenarios spring to the mind (more in the above article), but one that is also potentially true, is that the vaccines developed by the Chinese – should it come to full production – might make it into the Kenyan, and hence African – market place,  a good deal faster than through the channel of Western organisations.

If the news hold true for the next round of trials, lets hope that it makes it into the final.


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